Our Teachers

In Bezaleel Infant & Junior School, our teachers and employees are fundamental to our work. We place a huge emphasis on the quality of people we hire to work with us. We believe our employees must possess the right blend of passion, care and expertise needed for the job. This thinking has made us build a team of amazing professionals with unique experiences, exposure and love for children's learning and recreational activities. 

Every learner who attends Bezaleel Infant & Junior school is working in partnership with the school and their parents. The school recognizes every child's uniqueness and we value the trust that parents place in our hands when they take up the Bezaleel brand

Parents respect our efforts to provide moral and leadership experiences in a challenging environment in which adults are role models for learners. 

Respect and tolerance are encouraged in our school. the school strive to treat every learner equally. Communication between parents and school is open and honest; parents are kept up to date with academic progress regularly.